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The Ultimate in Skateboarding Events for South Africa

A new era in skate events is born right in the heart of the Western Cape, South Africa. These events will give you the chance to compete on your level and have fun with something you love. We, as the new skate culture, are waiting for you.

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The Rules to Apply

The Skatepark

This park you can glide, it’s easy to ride with ample ramps to slide. Execute your tricks and get the points.Points will be on various ramps. Practice runs will happen from 8am sharp.

The Point System

“Point Menu” at the judges area. Point markers will be visible all around the park. Each skater will have a judge allocated. Points deducted for “dirty” tricks, such as bails. Combos = double points.

Time Allocation

Each group max 50 skaters. Runs, 5 skaters at once. Battle jams. Runs are 2 min per group, song ends, jam ends. 3 rounds per group. Day session 10am to 3pm


NO MASK - NO ENTRY. Sanitizing Stations will be available. Safety gear strongly advised. Waiver will be signed by competitors. 

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About Us...

SK8SA is a proudly South African company, run by 2 very passionate and creative individuals who's combined experience is more than 20 years in the events, music and sport development industry. The duo has successfully executed major events around the country, the synergy between us, is one explosive package set to be a spectacular fiasco like never seen before. The DNA and Ethos of SK8SA is to bring a high standard, superb quality service mixed with happiness, laughter and fun for every soul that engages with them, an experience to be remembered by generations. Come and join our journey of a thousand smiles and live your best life! Lets make magic, together.

How it works

These are the different categories that you can enter into

  • Skateboarding

  • There are 3 divisions: Male division, Female division and Syncronised division. You will have to bring your A-game to the park. Register now to receive info on all upcoming competitions.

  • BMX

  • This will be a mixed competition where you can come and show your skills on a bike. Register now to receive info on all upcoming competitions.

  • Inline Skating

  • Here we will have all the inline skaters showing what it takes to be a champion. Register now to receive info on all upcoming competitions.


    Good news. You don't have to go broke to be part of this amazing community.


    (All Ages)



    (All Ages)


    Inline Skating

    (All Ages)


    Rewards for the Series

    The following will be up for grabs during the series

    Cash Prizes

    Top 3 positions will receive a cash prize

    Mystery Welcome packs

    Mystery welcome packs will be available for SK8SA registered skaters

    Medals and Trophies

    Medals and trophies will be awarded to ranking skaters

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    SK8SA Overview

    This is what you can expect from SK8SA events

    The Offer

    SK8SA has a new offering, a first for Cape Town and possibly South Africa, in the form of a structured progressive league that will house our flagship skateboarding and added will be our Bmx and Roller-blading divisions.

    The Divisions

    There will be 3 divisions per division: All Girls…All Boys… Synchronized divisions as options, choose to add synchronized as a 2nd choice to increase your skill level and experience something new, never done before!

    Up Next

    Coming up next: May-Ham, every Saturday of May 2021!! “Winter is coming”, no it is not a line from that series but it literally is and we want you to experience some fun before it does.

    SK8 Outta Lockdown

    We have a first instalment called “Sk8 outta lockdown” as we know, lockdown has seen many of us indoors and unable to visit public places. So, pull out those dusty sneakers and get ready to battle, are you ready? Our team is waiting!!

    Event extras

    Thing to expect at the events:

    Live DJ's, Live Broadcast, Food Vendors, Lucky draws and giveaways and so much more.

    The Fans

    Due to current lockdown regulations we are not allowed to have spectators at the venue, but the good news is that your fans can tune in on the live broadcast happening on event days. Links will be supplied prior to events. Only members will receive the links to send out to their fans/friends/family/spectaters.

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